How to Run a Marathon

For those of you who are new to running, I want to make it crystal clear…

You can absolutely one thousand percent run a marathon.

And quite easily in fact. 

Just search “Marathon Plan” and then follow it to the T.

First you build a base.

This just means that you should be able to run a 5k or so without having to walk.

Depending on your current health and weight this should take anywhere from “you’re already there” to potentially years. 

Though once you’re there… then you start mixing in “long runs” with faster runs, easy runs, and rest days. 

You’ll start off by running about 4 days a week… then all the way up to 6. 

Then you do this for about six months… getting progressively faster AND running longer distances… until a few weeks before the race… wherein after you will “taper” off to rest your body before the big race.

Simple, right?

Wel… the devil is in the details. 

And by “the details” I mean… actually getting your ass up every day to do it. 

By “the details” I mean…

Running when you’re sore. 

Running when you’re busy at work.

Running when you feel like you haven’t had enough to eat.

When you’ve had too much to eat.

When you have to travel for work.

When your wife/husband is annoyed that you’re always tired.

When you’ve already run for 4 months in a row and you’re just damn sick of it.

When “this sucks I super deeply do NOT want to run today!”

When it’s raining.

When you have to wake up early otherwise you won’t have time.

When your headphones aren’t charged.

When your socks are soggy. 

When your brain tells you it's too far.

When you tell yourself “this is stupid, why are you training for a marathon anyway?”

When you let doubt creep in.

When you want to give up.

When you don’t believe in yourself.

When… you… just… can’t… take… another… step.

THAT is the marathon, and more. 

It’s not the system that’s the hard part… it’s the execution. 

And as a result… the marathon itself is not about the marathon. 

It’s proving to yourself that you can do something difficult. 

It’s saying to your lazy, inferior self… “I am more, and I’ll prove it to you.”

The marathon is a self-discovery.

The marathon is you versus your excuses. 

The marathon is you versus problems. 

The marathon is you versus yourself. 

So… how do you run a marathon?


Pick a plan.

Then put on some armor. Because you’re about to do battle with yourself. 


Jonathon Kendall

Founder, RunFarFast